“500 yen”

Well, old notebook PC.

Known as “Jin -san”,

I decided to sell this.

Then, if you bring it to H -off, the result is 500 yen.

This time, this time because it can be used.

According to the store,

“Is it a specification and an annual style? It’s 2011 …”

Oh, Jin -san, was it a 2011 model! !

Are you convinced if the 11 -year -old laptop PC is 500 yen?

No, I don’t know.

Is it a personal buying 크레이지슬롯 and selling?

RAM soup up to 8GB of Max.

Two other problems.

Wireless LAN is NG and optical drive is NG.

There was another more.

The card slot is NG.

Isn’t it good for those who want a B5 notebook that can go online?

I started to run out of ok exhibition soon.

I can’t find a page corresponding to the URL.

If you click the link and display this page, there will be a mistake in the link.

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