Korean police top arrested again! It is not only the president who traces a pathetic end (Shinichi Hei) –Ap

South Korea’s Secretary -General of the National Police Agency was arrested on the 15th. He is the person of Kang Shinmyeong, who was appointed as the Secretary of the Police Agency under the former Park Geun -hye administration.

Former Secretary Kang has been allegedly intervened in the parliamentary election in April 2016 and collected information using police organizations to benefit the Park administration. The former Secretary of Li Cholson (the 20th Secretary) was also arrested for the same charges, but the court has rejected it.

The current Secretary, who arrested a senior secretary, is Min Capryon, 60, appointed President Bunja Tora as the 21st Secretary in June last year.

President Bun is entrusting the police reform to Secretary Minmin. Police and prosecutors’ scandals (adhesions with politics, business community, government, and entertainment worlds) are endless. Above all, it is obvious at a glance if you look at the successive secretary.

In South Korea, the police manager was at the top of the police, from the founding (1948) to the 1990 military administration. In July 1991, the Police Department was renamed the National Police Agency. The term was limited to two years with the transition to democratization.

A total of 21 people have been appointed Secretary since the establishment of the National Police Agency. The only year of the arrest, the former Secretary Kang, the former Secretary of Lee, and the 13th generation under the Roh Moo -hyun administration (Lee Sun -tech).

The remaining 17 people are short -lived. For example, four secretarys were appointed for five years from the Lee Myung -bak administration (February 2008 -January 2013), but no one was able to fulfill their two -year term.

In some cases, 11 out of 21 were surveyed by prosecutors as suspects, nine of them were arrested and charged, and eight were found guilty.

▲ The second generation (Lee Insop), under the three gold swimming administration, was arrested in 1993, under the three gold swimming regulations, with the fact that bribes received bribes from slot machines.

The fourth generation (Kang Fanam) was elected to the Diet in 1996 after his retirement, but was arrested four months after the election and was forced to resign.

▲ The fifth generation (Park Il -leon), also under the three governments, was arrested in 1998 under the Kim University administration under the Kim University administration in the “North Wind Work Incident” (a case in which North Korea was provoked on the military border).

▲ The 11th generation (Choi Gimun) under the Roh Moo -hyun administration retired, and became an advisor to the Zaibatsu company “Hanfa”, but junior police officers to apply their hospitality to the assault of “Hanfa” during the advisor. One year in prison (suspended sentence) was sentenced to the charges of working.

▲ The 12th generation (Ho Yong -jun) under the Roh Moo -hyun administration has retired and becomes the president of the Korean Railway Corporation under the Lee Myung -bak administration, but in 2011, he received a bribe worth 2 million yen. In 2017, one year in prison (two years of suspension) was sentenced.

▲ The successor 13th generation (Lee Tesson) also brought a $ 20,000 dollar and declared one year (two years of execution) in the Supreme Supreme Court (Daihoin) 10 years ago.

▲ The 15th generation (Kang Firak) under the Lee Myung -bak administration is in charge of scandals over ordering and operating rights for workers dispatched to construction sites ordered by SH Public Corporation under the umbrella of Seoul. I was sentenced to a monthly prison sentence.

▲ The successor 16th generation (Cho Hyunoo) also said in a lecture in 2010 that “President 더존카지노 Lu Moo -hyun committed suicide after a pseudonym (back) account was discovered.” In 2013, eight months were sentenced to prison sentence. He was also charged with a bribery of 5 million yen from the construction industry and was convicted in the second instance (High Court), but he was appealing and fighting in the Supreme Court.

After the president to the top of the police retired, the trash, where the person and his family are arrested for bribery, is exactly the “Korean disease.” Unless the top of the government, justice, and legislation corrects the collar and the eradication of this chronic illness, it is not easy to reform the political and government.

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