“Maneki Kececha’s Miyu Nakagawa and the super express Yuki smell?

The passion of Yuki Murata, a member of Maneki Kececha, Miyu Nakagawa and the super express car No. 5, Yuki Murata, has become a hot topic.

What triggered the discovery of passion was the smell.

There seems to be a lot of evidence of the smell

It is a level that cannot be escaped.

This time, I will send you a total of the enthusiasm and smell of Maneki Kececha Miyu Nakagawa and Super Express Yuki (Yuki Murata).

Maneki Kececha Miyu Nakagawa’s boyfriend is a super express Yuki (Yuki Murata)?

From around May 23, 2022, the smell of Miyu Nakagawa and the super limited express Yuki on the Internet began to become a hot topic.

It seems that each other had a lot of smell on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Information about the smell is spread on Twitter,

The group chat in the super express fan club is also in a rough state.

Maneki Kececha Miyu Nakagawa and Super Limited Express Yuki Overall Summary

Maneki Kececha Miyu Nakagawa and Super Limited Express Yuki (Yuki Murata)

Many smells

I will introduce it!

1. Maneki Kececha’s Miyu Nakagawa sticker is stuck on the laptop of the super express Yuki

The first smell is



A laptop is reflected in the super express Yuki’s Instagram

You can check the sticker of the goods of the maneki ketchha in the stickers that are so many.

The seal is also a purple color in charge of Miyu Nakagawa, so it will definitely be.

Comparing images, you can see that it is the same.

It will be the form of a super limited express Yuki from Miyu Nakagawa.

Putting it on your notebook PC will definitely be black.

2. Many clothes are available

The scent of the second point is

Matching clothes


If you check the SNS of Maneki Kececha Miyu Nakagawa and Super Express Yuki,

You can check many posts wearing the same clothes.

Because it is basically a woman tends to do it

I think Miyu Nakagawa is posting later

It seems that super express Yuki may post the same clothes after the post of Miyu Nakagawa.

Because it is not a different color, it is possible that you are wearing the same clothes and shared the same clothes.

3. Pokemon Gengar stuffed animal

The third smell is

Gengar stuffed animal


The following images are cutout of Youtube distribution video by Miyu Nakagawa.

In the lower left, something like a purple luna is reflected.

And the Instagram of Super Express Yuki is the following image.

This is definitely Gengar’s stuffed animal.

The color, shape, and size match, so it was reflected in Miyu Nakagawa’s distribution.

It’s a stuffed Pokemon gengar.

Miyu Nakagawa himself loves Pokemon, so this will be black.

4. Same earphones

The 4th smell is



Super express Yuki is on Twitter

Astro A03

It is reported that you have purchased earphones.

And the following image is the earphone used for Youtube distribution of Maneki Kececha Nakagawa.

Using exactly the same thing

Gutsuri is a match.

5. The same carpet (carpet)

The fifth smell is



At the Instagram live of Super Express Yuki

The carpet is reflected at the bottom of the screen, but you can see.

And the carpet that was reflected in Miyu Nakagawa’s YouTube is the following image.

The whole image of Miyu Nakagawa’s room is the following image.

I don’t think a carpet with an unusual pattern so far will be covered

This would definitely have been taken at Miyu Nakagawa’s home.

6. Super express Yuki’s Instagram posting is good for Miyu Nakagawa

The sixth smell is

I like Instagram


Check the post on the Instagram of Super Express Yuki

Miyu Nakagawa is good with his own account for multiple posts! You can see that you are doing.

Considering that you like it with an official account

I guess you’ve already wanted to get bald.

7. Miyu Nakagawa’s discord account for the game distribution of super express Yuki

The seventh smell is

A reflection of the discorded account under distribution


In the live distribution of the super limited express Yuki, an account that seemed to be Miyu Nakagawa was found in the chat history with friends on the left side of the discord screen.

The discord screen was reflected on the MV of the solo song “Tonight online”, which was first announced by Miyu Nakagawa at the birth festival the other day.

If you enlarge this video and look closely, you can see the account name “Miyu” and the icon of the face that can be confirmed by the distribution of super express Yuki.

By comparing, you can see that the icon is the same from the angle of the face.

8. Smell and matching hair color after discovering

And immediately after the discovery of this smell

I quit black hair with my trademark

Bleach your hair

It is reported that it 코인카지노 has become a blonde.

Considering the possibility of losing your own fans

The idols who announced their graduation are strong …

And the super limited express Yuki also posted what they did in blonde hair.

The heart seems to be already heading for Yuki with a super express.


Miyu Nakagawa has announced his graduation

I guess this bold action is taking place.

By the way, my best recommendation in the idol world was Miyu Nakagawa.

This news was very complicated …

Only Miyu Nakagawa won! ! ! ! I thought …


I don’t say I don’t love idols …

However, at least I want you to associate with Otaku so that it does not get out …

Because they are idols = idols.

I want to make an idol group that makes money at an online casino and is completely banned.

At the Cannes International Film Festival currently being held, the Netflix controversy is occurring. In the television industry, Netflix, which has a status, seems to be hated by the French film world.

An indispensable existence in Cannes TV Founding Motoichi

For the first time at the Cannes Film Festival, the highest award -winning Palmdor category of the Palm Doll category (Starring Tilda Swinton, starring Pong Juno, starring Emma Tompson, directed by Noah Baumback The movie “THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES”) has been exhibited, but since next year, Netflix -produced films have been excluded in Cannes. “I can’t think of Palmdol to Netflix works!”

In Cannes, even in Cannes, it’s not a movie, but at the site of a TV trade fair, you can’t feel the hint of Netflix. Before the emergence of Netflix, the program was sold in a limited slot, and the competitors did not change, but Netflix, which became a typhoon, created a new flow, expanded the market, and now the TV program distribution market. It has become an indispensable role as a fight. So I was wondering about the correspondence of the target Cannes Film Festival.

As soon as the Cannes Film Festival began, we interviewed local voices that were in the Netflix controversy. Then, in various reasons, it was found that the two reasons for the business were the cause of the controversy.

Factors due to differences between French ecosystem and window strategy

One is that Netflix has not contributed to the ecosystem in the French film industry. In France, a CNC (French National Film Center) system has been established, and a circulating structure is created automatically. In the case of a movie, taxes are imposed on the movie ticket, and the CNC collects money and passes on the production company as a production assistance. From a major production company to a small player, there is also the merit of creating a large project with subsidies.

So, in the French movie industry, the screening in a French cinema is followed by the condition 코인카지노 of the exhibition, but Netflix is ​​not in response to this. Therefore, there are many criticisms from French coaches and producers.

The second is that it depends on the difference in window strategies. In France, the film work will be VOD four months after the release of the theater, a paid TV 10 months later, a free TV in 22 months, and a SVOD in 36 months. In accordance with this, Netflix works need to be available 36 months after theater release, but Netflix has a Netflix strategy. Since the success of the original drama “House of Card -Stairs of Ambition”, it has been a digital first game, and has succeeded in expanding the global distribution. There is no way to respond to this.

On the other hand, the Amazon Studio, which produced “Manchester by the Sea”, has begun to actively enter the movie world, like Netflix, with the Academy Award for Best Actor and Casey Affleck, who won the leading actor award. However, in the case of Amazon, we are not particular about the pre -release of the distribution service. Therefore, the Cannes Film Festival is said to be favorable, unlike the attitude toward Netflix.

He has a career as a French Embassy video broadcasting officer in Japan and is currently asking Matu Vegyo, who has been involved in the international distribution business of television and films as an executive director now in French public institutions. Following the words, “I’m in the middle of hot discussions over Netflix …”

“France is still conservative and is still tied to the movie industry window strategy. Some say that it should be changed according to the times, but at this time it is a realistic view that it is quite tough. On the other hand, the TV series. It is possible to decide whether to sell to Netflix or sell it to free TV, and it is considered that the options for distribution are expanding. This controversy is not negative for Netflix. Should be. Even if they don’t get a prize at Cannes (Film Festival), there’s no doubt that the center of Cannes is Netflix. It’s hard to do it at the Film Festival Cannes. “

The controversy still continues. The next development is likely to be seen how the exclusion will affect.