“RC: 2 Motor I tried to fly a small double-leaves DEERC SQN-022.”

I enjoyed the small double leaves of the two motors a long time ago at the Aero Wings of CCP. He found DEERC SQN-022 with a similar model, so I skipped it. The Deerc SQN-022 is a small double leaf with a wing width of about 26 cm, which controls the left and right motors with two channels on the wings. The flight weight is about 23g including the battery. The main wing is a soft material of the EPP system, with a service color LED on the back of the fuselage (^^). In addition, the upper wing has a unique feeling, and there 바카라 is something curved (^^). It is helpful because there are 3 batteries and two chargers, but the battery space of the aircraft is tight, and the connector’s arrangement position is selected so that the battery does not squeeze (^^ ;;;;. I tried to fly in a nearby park without the early morning. Departing from takeoff, the horizontal flight is slightly lowered from the half -throttle, and the full throttle rises slightly to the pitching. The stable and easy -to -fly aircraft is the first flight. It is an impression. The number of fun aircraft has increased (^^). However, the two motors without elevators are particularly weak in the wind, and since they were washed away in the wind, they increased further to raise the throttle to pull back towards them. It is easy to fall into it. I think it is safe to fly nearby at an altitude of 3-4m (^^).

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In front of a new era

How to remember the empire

On top of the sea

08 The current article on the sea of ​​the quantity

The water in Jingang is still cold

08 /10

Cross the Taiwan Strait.

<< Visitors >>

August 2, 2022,

There was a sense of tension at Taiwan Sungsan Airport.

The radio of the plane from Malaysia enters the control tower, and the door of the aircraft that falls like a sliding runway is opened.

And, in a white suit

A woman with a bright look comes down the trap.

Nancy Patricia Pelosi

Chairman of the House of Representatives in American history,

The land where she was taboo to American politicians,

I stepped on Taiwan.

And, as if it shows the weight of the step

Fighters from the United States and China through the Taiwan Strait

I started to fly dizzy.

Shouting that I can’t let go even if I die

The people of the continent looking across the sea and

They are determined that they cannot be with them,

People of the island staring at the same sea.

History again this small island on the map

Leading the test of fate.

<< Pirate King >>

The goddess Majo of the sea,

She went out to the sea every day and had to face scary waves.

People on the southeastern coast of China,

When she went to her sea, she wished her for her safety,

After returning from her sea, she thanked her.

In the shrine of the goddess of Majo

Generals in armor are bowing their heads.

They were pushed out of the mainland of China a while ago,

Dutch occupied troops and after the war

It has become a new hero.

Some people

It was said to be the remnant of the Ming Dynasty, which was gone.

Some people have long ago

Colding the southern part of the continent of China

Also called pirates.

The shrine door is open

Among the people of impression,

A young man with armor walks out.

For people, he is called ‘cockinga’

It was called by a strange name.

His name is Jeong Sung -gong (鄭 成 功, 1624 ~ 1662)

He was a young leader who led the fleet of his family.


His father was the pirate king Jung Ji -ryong, who pleated the southern coast at the end of the Ming Dynasty.

Pirate King …

The environment of the sea is much harder than the land.

In such a sea, the title of ‘Pirate King’ was obtained, and Ji -Ryong Jung was too far from the mainstream of society.

The southern part of China at the end of the Ming Dynasty

It was far from the dizziness of the north.

The poor Manchus have already occupied the northern territory,

Sometimes I attacked Beijing, but this atmosphere was also an opportunity for southern Chinese.

The confused central government is

We loosened the boundaries of the coastline of government officials,

For many merchants who were pushing with foreign countries

It was a job.

Teenage Jung Ji -ryong was kicked out of his hometown of Shaman,

It has flowed into Macau.

(The yellow shoots have been seen since his childhood, and he was kicked out of his father’s concubine.)

To Jung Ji -ryong, who has no place to retreat anymore

He was like a cumbersome clothes of ‘conscience’ and ‘morality’.

In addition, Jung Ji -ryong is also smart,

He entered the top of the foreigners and cut his business and studied the language of the Portuguese who ruled Macau.

It would be a beautiful story if you steadily built up your fame and became the owner of a shop, but young Jung Ji -ryong was too ambitious to remain a merchant.

He soon entered the figure of heresy, Macau’s Milk Trade Award, and became a big silk trade award between Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

And after a while, one summer day,

The heresy who hired Jung Ji -ryong died.

The ambitious Jung Ji -ryong reveals the real color.

He gathered the forces that followed him and made a rebellion to take control of the top of the smuggling, and he made a good success.

And, he seized at the top now

He decides to take control of the South China Sea.

He attacked the Spanish fleet to and from the Philippines to seize the cargo, and to the people of the sea, the flag called ‘鄭’ was sweetly sweet like a license.

(The ships that don’t have a flag that can live by giving 3,000 silver shoes have been sinking.)

Jung Ji -ryong, who lived for his lifetime and threw morality with whale rice, was acquainted with pirates in Hirado, Nagasaki, Japan.

Today, he delivers a bag he gave for smuggling to Hirado’s lord, and he is treated as a woman named ‘Aka’ who was attending her drink.


A child was born between the two,

It was the appearance of the hero of today.

Jung Ji -ryong, who was not a bad guy, was a real villain

Even though he had his own child,

He goes back to the sea for pirates.

And, the child who was born shortly

I had to live in a difficult life with his mother.

Anyone in southern China

He was unable to ignore Jung Ji -ryong’s Pirate Corps.

The Ming Dynasty, which was falling down, seemed to have dealt with these pirates. The Ming government sees this stop and comes to mind.

‘If you can’t defeat those villains,

I’d rather make it on my side? ‘

The Ming Emperor Sungjeongje gets a book in 1627.

As far as the southern pirate king was appointed as ‘Dokdok’, which ruled the sea of ​​the Ming Dynasty.

It was after these complex things happened when a seven -year -old young sincerity came to China by being led by his uncle.

His wife, who was angry with his husband’s affairs and indifference,

She left in Japan.

<< Lanterns of the Ming Dynasty >>

Jung Ji -ryong, who did not want to raise pirates as much as his son, makes his young son enjoy the tremendous wealth he has done.


He has good teachers

He begins to educate Confucian ethics.

(He was also educated by college, Jin Gum -ik, at the time.

Jung Sung Gong meets another poem.

Her story is here)

Giant companies made of smuggling and pirates.

The cruel and wild pirate king

It was the identity of the father of the world, but

In the eyes of young sincerity, the father is ruined

He was an Admiral Admiral who was loyal to the Ming Dynasty.

The situation of the Ming Dynasty was not good.

The last emperor, Sungjeongje, was self -determined

Beijing falls to the rebels of interest.

And, the doors of the Sanhae Hall open,

The Qing Dynasty was running toward Nanjing.

Now, the remaining servants of the 슬롯나라 Ming Dynasty came down south,

I am trying to find the remaining royal family and try to succeed the Ming Dynasty.

There are no longer the military for the officials of the Ming Dynasty. And the government was broken enough to hope for Jung Ji -ryong’s pirate corps.

Jung Ji -ryong’s base

Emperor Yongmuje, the Ming Dynasty who ran away from Fujian.

The servants told me to be wary of Ji -ryong, but

He had no more alternatives.

In the end, he to the pirate king who was the subject of the past

We make an unprecedented decision to entrust military rights.

In addition, the loyalty is now 21 years old

For his son, Jeong Sung -gong,

It is said that it is good to use the name of the Ming Emperor’s ‘Zhu’ in the name.

From his childhood on the rough sea

Betrayed like eating,

Jung Ji -ryong, who has passed the hump of death several times by pirates,

He was a realist in his bone.

For the country of ‘name’, which is ruined, there was no intention of fighting with a huge man’s invaders.

At the moment of decisive, he reveals the true color.

He decided to surrender!

At the time,

His son Jung Sung -gong hears the news late.

His loyal servant of the Ming Dynasty betrayed. In addition, his father’s letter arrives in the army of the Qing Dynasty in front of the Qing Dynasty.

He had to make a choice now.

Unlike his father

He calls people. And talk.

He said, “I will break the rich kite.”

He turns his army and heads to Fujian, his home.

The Ming Dynasty Revival Movement began.

And around that time …

There is something unforgettable for the lifetime.

The Qing Dynasty, who learned that he had no desire to surrender, bypasses the defense line and comes into the Fujian Anhae Castle, where his mother is from the Ming Emperor Yongmuje and Hirado to China.

After hearing the news, Jung Sung -gong rushed to horses, but Hae Sung, who is seen from a distance, was already in flames.

I can hear the sound of the soldiers,

In the eyes of Jeong Sung -gong running while whiping crazy like crazy

You can see a few people on the watchtower.

A woman between the rising flames

While fighting with her soldiers,

She soon falls out of the watchtower.

The father of the pirate king who spent his lifetime in the sea,

The mother who buried her father in her heart for a lifetime …

Leave her home, Hirado, Japan

Now in a small coastal city in China

She seemed to have a peaceful day, she

She is caught up in the whirlpool of the times.

Jung Sung -gong collapses as he sees this scene.

When her mother gives birth,

And until the moment she hit her

My father was not by my side.

At first, for the Ming Dynasty

If you had stopped the rich kite,

Looking at the last flame rising from Anhae,

Jung Sung -gong is immortalized to his father’s last compassion.

And this time,

The Qing Dynasty in Beijing

Pirate King Jung Ji -ryong is very disappointed.

The invincible pirate fleet he was guaranteed

He disappeared along his son’s sincerity.

He was hiding in his home

The sacrifice of the Qing Dynasty soldiers who went to catch the emperor

It was not easy.

The Qing Dynasty, the second emperor, Sunchije,

He has the pirate king Jung Ji -ryong and his sons

As a hostage, we want to negotiate with Jung Sung -gong.

The condition to change the family’s life is unconditional surrender.


Looking at his mother’s death, now he is reading as a reading quality

Sociality refuses to negotiate.

The father who survived a lifetime and survived the strategy,

Pirate King Jung Ji -ryong is ridiculously beheaded.

<< How to catch fish >>

When a country disappears from history,

To save the flame again

There are people running around.

The destruction of a huge Ming Dynasty

History is simply described as ‘replacement of dynasty’, but

In fact, the fighting capital, Nanjing, fell and the fight was not over.

If it is the largest of them,

There were three advancement advances in the sincerity.

His last expedition is that

155,000 troops were mobilized.

Elite soldiers who have been preparing for years.

In fact, he trampled the Qing Dynasty and arrived in Nanjingseong, and many cities of the Jang River side were upright.


Lack of experience at a decisive moment, he fails. It was deceived by the delayed tactics of the Han Chinese officials who were transformed into the Qing Dynasty.

In the final battle against the Qing Dynasty, he

He loses everything that has been preparing for decades.

And this incident meant the end of the large -scale rebellion of the Han Chinese on the continent of China. There was no longer the Ming Dynasty revival movement of regular military units.

But if it is comforting,

There was no one to beat his army yet on the sea.

With the failure of the failed sincerity

His rushing place was Taiwan Island.

The land is a sea that prevents enemies by becoming a castle.

He lost everything

After establishing the Ming exile government

He tries to promote the back day again.

There were many examples of using the sea to fight the people. Without seeing far away, our country’s ‘Samseongcho’ also used the sea against the Yuan Dynasty.

As you can see in the picture below,

Wherever there was water, the influence of the troops of the sincerity was getting insignificant.

The view of the sea of ​​the Qing Dynasty

It is made from this time.

For them, the sea and the river

It was a channel for enemies to invade,

It was the target of ‘management’ rather than ‘development’.

Among those who surrendered to the Qing Dynasty,

In the past, there was a general called ‘Sirang’ under the sincerity.

He is the most effective for the Qing Dynasty, but

He suggests a tremendous plan.

Anyway, if there was water, it could not stop the troops of the sincerity.

I like it, I put it on,

When this policy began, millions of people had to be kicked out of their homes and wandered as wandering.


The Qing Dynasty will implement this terrible plan. The Taiwan Island across the sea was a troublesome problem.

Now a moment in a huge Chinese continent,

I can’t find people at the beach.

<< Isolated Island >>

Hundreds of kilometers of coastline

A policy that seems to have led to an insane, but this simple ignorant policy was as certain as the effect.

Now, the networks of southeastern China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia are virtually disconnected. And the fleet of the sincerity loses all the secret hubs on the Chinese coast.

In the sea until yesterday, the army was the same as fish, but the beach where people did not live was like a fish tank where the water dried up.

By that time,

The last emperor of the name who was running away from Burma

He is killed by the Qing Dynasty.

Now the Ming Dynasty disappears.

Jung Sung -gong, who had been crying for a few days after hearing the news.

At that time, he often suffers from high fever and fantasy.

The son of Chinese pirates and Japanese geisha.

His father who failed and followed a new conqueror.

To those who followed such a father

He lost his mother in front of him.

After losing everything, he returned his feet.

Neither China nor Japan, but in the middle of the land,

It was Taiwan.

In the fortress of Zelendia taken from the Dutch

He suffers from high fever and he lives in bed.

He commands the sea over the sea,

His death, which pushed the border of the continent, was a ridiculously small mosquito malaria.

After his death, Sirang, who became the Qing Dynasty, occupies Taiwan. And as if this land was needed, this island is far from the sights of conquerors on the continent.

time goes by,

Imperialism Japan also occupies this place.

Japan wants this land as the first colony.

After the civil war,

The people who lost on the continent are pushed here. As a general did hundreds of years ago, they talked about the day to go back to the mainland, and they are holding up to this day.

And as the conquerors who have stepped up to Taiwan, they go to the shrine of a young general who destined here hundreds of years ago and bow down his head.

Taiwanese (foreigners, foreigners) from the continent of China

One day, in his dream of returning to the continent, he saw himself going back in the past.

Chinese people in the mainland dominate China

He is a member of the Qing Dynasty, who occupied Taiwan’s father, who was a fuzzy man, and insists that Taiwan’s roots are in the mainland of China.

Japanese people who had colonized here.

They also remember the sincerity and his mother born in Hirado, and they also show that they also have a stake in Taiwan.

And, I’ve been living here for a long time

Aboriginal Taiwanese (resistant, 内 人).

Ironically, they were originally the owner of Taiwan, but they were always missed in the legitimacy of the island, while persecuted by the tremendous occupies.

May 20, 2000,

After the Nationalist regime, which has long dominated Taiwan, the Democratic Party’s Cheonsu Event is inaugurated.

On the left side of the new president who applauds

As if I’m convinced of a new era,

He shakes his right hand up

I saw a full -time executive.

A picture of this picture across the sea

The message to the continent was clear.

‘The fate of Taiwan is now

The original owners will decide. ‘

Only 20 years of time.

The islanders who have always had to leave their fate in the hands of outsiders are now on their way to choose their own destiny.


There is a lot of volume in the calm sea.

No one knows where the end will be…