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Ascensant lion

Furthermore, Mars will rise

I hate to be sloppy in the shadows, as I hate pride, as much as I like.

Always keep the king’s style.

I want to achieve my desire without spending time.

Perhaps you have injured your face or head when you were a child. (Rising Mars)

The moon in the House at the House and the Sun Sagittarius

Standing on a person who stands out while being born.

Before becoming the president, it was always a good or worse tabloid news.

Always outstanding well -known.

It was said to be a real estate king, but there is no celestial body in the real estate Capricorn.

The establishment and owned of the towering tower and golf course would be the power of the Sagittarius, which is high and wide.

Casino and luxurious hotels are due to the exciting leisure world -oriented lion.

I was not interested in real estate.

Capricorn is the tenth closing sign, indicating a state or company, so it can also represent politicians.

He did not aim to be a politician because he has no celestial body in Capricorn.

It is also convinced that the president of the outsidder, who is not tiring, is the first in the United States.

Trump’s national rally speech venue was full of the festival and the gorgeousness of the show.

Landing on the flying field in a jet, the appearance in the large crowd was the king of Leo itself, and the place that danced to the music was popular with the children of Leo.

It is the power of the twin sun and the moon in Sagittarius to keep the United States vigorously traveling and continuing to speak for about 90 minutes.

I’m not good at staying still. Golf if you can’t do anything when you’re in trouble. The busy people are more fun and the better the change.

Trump’s appearance!

A lion -like hairstyle, a face with a fire constellation.

However, since the twins have the sun, which is also a guardian star of Ascendant, the twins are strongly influenced by Gemini.

Both the gestures and gestures are trademarks, but Gemini governs hands, so Gemini people move their hands well.

It is also impressive to point to each of the supporters.

The joint of Venus Saturn is related to a woman with age difference

Indeed, Mrs. Melania is as old as parents and children, and the second wife is old.

I’m only three years old from my first wife.

Because it is the moon of Sagittarius, it is an active and tall woman.

The first wife and Mrs. Melania are faced with Aquarius, but I wonder if the partner demandant is a water bottle.

It is a typical feature of Aquarius that the eyes are crisp.

Jupiter has aspect both the sun and the moon

This shows a very lucky person and a strong optimistic person.

It is famous that he has almost executed the promise.

I think it’s a reasonable victory to be an outsider and become president and make promise.

It is due to the twin sun and Uranus of the wind information thinking, and the Yoshigaku Jupiter from the balance of the wind constellation.

Why Trump was elected President in 2016

It is the power of the transit Saturn.

For him, who has already had money and fame, working in the White House is nothing more than responsibility and pressure.

At that time, I thought there was nothing but the winning because Saturn came.

It seems that the inauguration speech was not floated and it was dark, but it would have been the only way to realize Saturn’s responsibility.

Saturn is not an unlucky celestial body.

Make obligations and responsibilities.

When Saturn comes, I often get a job and get married.

You have responsibility and duty.

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