Stock (small and cute) heart

Even if the profit is small, it is never small

My father always told me.

“How are you so small?”

That’s right. I was timid. My father saw the bitter taste of success and bankruptcy at the age of a mid -30s that are similar to me, but I try to live a life where the future is predicted as long as it can be an extreme adventure in the opposite way. did. Compared to my father’s life graph, who lived in a surge and plunge in the heart of a lion, my life stayed in a relatively safe box.

I started investing in stocks in earnest in January 2020, starting with Danta, and it was like jumping into a world of huge adventure. It was also the first rebellion in my life, rejecting my father’s advice, “Don’t be as good as an accident, so don’t do it.”

The market in 2020, when there was a variable called Pan Demi, which the world had unexpectedly, was a tremendous opportunity for me, who entered the market with the title of a beginner ant. Corona 19, Untact, Fan Demick, Vaccine, Cherry, etc. Until the KOSPI index exceeds 1400 to 3000 due to the fear and expectation of the market, other investors spend at least five to ten years of time, and have a lot of issues that can be experienced in it for a year for a year. It was possible.

In the process, I invested 5 million won to 18 million won last year, earning a total of 6 million won. It is not bad for beginner ants that have been investing in stocks for the first time in 2020. However, when I listened to the many irritating success stories that came here and there in this city -I was so called a debt, I bought a house, or I listened to the house. There are times when you feel.

If you look at my transaction history, it is worth it. Others bought 1 million won, 5 million won, and bought them for 230,000 won a day. I bought it every day, and once I soared once, I realized profits, and sometimes only 5%of the revenue was sold. The goal of my stock investment in 2020 was not “Let’s call the seed several times,” but because it was a real profit of 5,000 to 10,000 won on that day.

As a result, the graph of realizing my 2020 is really so.

As you can see, my fruit graph has not recorded terraced growth and does not show the magic welfare effect. But I’m still pretty proud of this graph. Even though there is no dramatic steep slope, I think that the important thing is that it is not a slope but a steady direction.

In the past, when I was depressed, I wrote in an article called stock investment, but I used to be in the mountains of the Alps. When I started climbing the mountain, my first thought was that “the inclination is lower than I thought.” I didn’t have to go up the cane. However, I was surprised to see that the flat road was steadily climbing and turned back for a while. The wonderful scenery is a bonus.

The mountain I rose at that time. As I climbed along the gentle slope, it was 200 meters above sea level.

Whenever I check the MTS app’s evaluation inquiry menu once a day, my fruit graph is always similarly gentle. Every time I see my little graph that is so colorful or fun, I think of the huge mountain I rose from the Alps then. At least my graph is a dramatic steep slope, but it continues to rise and accumulate. What about 5,000 won every day or 10,000 won? I think that I have been doing the best of ant investors just because I have been steadily adding +every day without losing. But anyway, if I did nothing last year, I didn’t get a valuable profit of 6 million won that I wouldn’t have obtained if I had done anything.

Only the heart of the beasts is being cheered, and such a timid investment, which makes a profit by investing a little bit every day like me, may seem very insignificant and small. Even though I made a profit, some people kick their tongue because they are regrettable that ‘why did you only put it, you would have earned more if you put more.’ At first, every time I saw such a reaction, I was in a hurry when I thought, ‘Are I doing wrong now?’ Even though it looks so small, trivial and cute, ants have their own philosophy.

I’m investing in stocks, not casinos or lotto. Even though I can’t make money to change my life right now, I want to earn a small and fun reward like an ant every day. I still want to enjoy the improvement of the stock rather than money. It is still more fun to learn how to catch meat than meat.

In addition, as a result, I think this is the MVP that made my timidness that made me so small but never small in 2020. As I moved on a small scale in my timid mind, I was relatively less anxious and troubled as a novice ant.

While investing in stocks, I saw a lot of bad cases around me. I hit the full buying without deposit, and I couldn’t take my eyes out of the crow’s window as if I had separation anxiety every time the stock price went up and down. I’m anxious, I regret my choice, look back… As much as you can’t afford, you will invest in stocks, go to stocks, and keep up with fear and care, then stress, wrinkles, presbyopia, and grow old.

I am a virtue that gives joy in my life – most of the virtue – I also value it, so I invest a little bit of a small and insignificant mind to set the partitions of each area. I was able to invest in stocks, but I was able to see the movies, but I was able to write and write, and I was able to maintain myself.

In a way, this 더존카지노 is the way that you can make both anti -aging and stock investments at the same time, which is early on, investing as much as your own ‘surprise’ and gaining moderation, and enjoying other pleasures of life. If you do this, it will feel sensitively, and the liver is growing, so I think I can see a big profit someday.

As long as I have nothing to do in the future, I still have more days to live, and there is no time to invest in stocks. I want to work as an active duty in this money game as a grandmother. In order to do that, I will go to my own face and small and cute scale without being impatient with the desire to train.


In a few years, a new magazine was made in brunch. Brunch has limited the number of magazines and brunch books that can be published for each writer to 10. So I thought it should be very carefully generated, whether it was a magazine or a brunch book, but I finally created it.

In this magazine, I try to collect the theme of ‘Jae Tech’ in a slightly different style than other articles I usually write. Somehow, I would like to share this and thoughts as an ordinary late -tech student who started with stocks or anything. You will mainly deal with stock investment and things you think in the process, but you can post stories about coins, overseas stocks, or money itself. Sometimes I can post with titles like ‘I earned half of your salary in the company’s bathroom’ or ‘I learned life as a stock’.

In some ways, the articles that will be on this magazine are just a steamed ant’s shovel diary with a really small and cute scale. I’m not a stock expert, I don’t have a long -term investment experience, but I don’t have to copy money as a stock. Besides, I don’t even think that I can be a great help to someone if I write these writings.

Still, it would be nice if someone just watched the articles that would be written in this magazine in the future, ‘Oh, there are some people who invest so small and insignificantly in the world’. It’s not a big and magnificent breast, it’s very small and cute, just that much heart.

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Continental tango is also located in Chanson.

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Continental Tango is still the Alfred Houze Orchestra

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