Toyonaka citizens, Yamamoto: Thank you for your candidate -Toyonaka City Assembly Selection-

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22.4.15 Finally, 17th (Sun) is the voting day of Toyonaka City Assembly (1st constant 1 candidate 4). Yesterday (11th), I attended a street speech on the street address of Yamamoto Intaku (Japanese Communist Party official) held at Toyonaka City Hotaruike Park. Below is a summary. I’m Yamamoto, a member of the Ikeda City Council. Ikeda has two Hankyu stations. It is Ikeda and Ishibashi Hanaka Omae. Many people use both stations, but those in the south of the south of airports 1 and 2 chome use Hotaruike Station. Everyone and the city are different, but the living area is the same. I’m next to me. Therefore, voices such as “I would like to borrow a book from the Toyonaka City Hotaruike Library” came out, and it was realized with the people of the residents. I didn’t come to talk about my pride (laughs). At that time, I asked Mr. Yamamoto to consult with Mr. Yamamoto (based on the firefly pond). The residents of other cities are really easy (laughs), so please send such a gentle Yamamoto Something to the city council again. I’m worried about Ukraine. Some people say, “Review of non -nuclear three originals”. This is the mayor of Osaka Osaka of the Meiji Restoration. He doesn’t know what it would be if President Putin would say nuclear weapons when he was using nuclear weapons. “If Japan has a nuclear weapon, I and I …” If nuclear weapons are used, it is a crisis of human life. Mr. Matsui also says, “The three non -nuclear principles are Showa’s idea.” However, the United Nations Nuclear Weapons Convention, which came into effect last year, prohibits not only the use of nuclear weapons, but also manufacturing, holding and bringing in. The three non -nuclear primary principles are finally increasing in the Heisei, Ordians, and the 21st century. Isn’t it clear that even if the revival aiming for Japanese nuclear weapons grows, Japan’s peace and safety cannot be protected. By the way, Mayor Nagauchi has been in favor of the Nuclear Weapons Convention and opposes the capital concept and casinos of the Restoration, which is a good side of Nagauchi Municipal administration. On the other hand, he is trying to crush elementary schools under the name of elementary and middle schools, and 크레이지슬롯 are trying to abolish public facilities such as libraries they have just talked about. That is a bad side. The city council is competing for the bad aspects of the mayor of Nagauchi, and the power to promote good aspects and the power to recommend only bad aspects. So it is very important who will take the next seat. If Mr. Yamamoto wins, he can get into the municipal administration for citizens. It is not a “takaga supplement”. Please send Yamamoto to the city council. Please call around. Although the city is different, please do your best with each other “Double Yamamoto” (laughs).

Toyonaka citizens, Yamamoto: Thank you for your candidate -Toyonaka City Assembly Selection-

Japanese Communist Party Osaka / Ikeda City Councilor Takeshi Yamamoto Spells the daily activities of Takeshi Yamamoto

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The interchange may be close to you

Play date rush lol

I’m the only child, so I go around

A family with several children

With this schedule on this schedule

It would be hard.

That’s why the last before returning to Japan

The play date is Gardens Byzabay.

The long closed chilled lens garden

Because it opened.

Nice, good! !

According to Singapore’s school holiday

About Reopen. Thank you.

Because it wasn’t as crowded as I thought

Parents are picking the rice they bought

Just talking at the seat

Rakuchin Play Date ♡

Recently, there were many houses of each other

(Parents want to drink

That’s easier, but w)

I was going out for the first time in a long time.

It’s really hot these days, so the water playground is really helpful

Unlike the pool, it was easy to see,

And free.

It is a great place.

(The pool is fun, but I can’t take my eyes off)

Play for about 3 hours while sandwiching the snack

The lightning has come, so cut it up

I’m doing it at Gardens Byz Bay

To Children’s Festival.

It seems like a collaboration 더존카지노 event with Kiztopia who loves everyone.

The float is there.

Even so, the weather is bad w

Just before it rains, the temperature drops dramatically.

Here, the direct sunlight passes

The photos can’t shine, but to stamp rally

The temperature was too great ←

If the stamp rally is completed for free

He gave me a seal.

Some are paid workshops

Jumping points.

One hour shift jumping point.

Just 5 minutes after the next slot

The children were motivated

This weather …

This kind of event is Refund. 。 。 。

If you’re worried

It’s raining

Yes withdrawal ~ lol

The children were very angry

Well, this time.

I was probably vacant on this day because of the weather

If you have time to definitely go, in advance

It was a reservation system ↓ ↓ Childrens-festival-2022-FEATURING-THE-WORLD-WITH-KIZTOPIA//

1 hour $ 18. The float is small. kana.

Besides, it started to rain as soon as it started

The children who were sent off and entered this time

It was poor …

It was like this, but play a lot

It was a fun day to eat a lot.

The next thing I can play with each other’s summer vacation ~

Until you meet again!